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Pink’s Team

Meet the Pink’s Team: Dedicated to the Art of Beauty.


julieBoutique Manager & Master Lash Artist

For as long as she can remember, Julie has been someone who takes great pride in making people around her feel good. To her, there are few things more satisfying than knowing that she has made a difference in someone’s day. Whether after one interaction or after years of friendship, making others feel cared for and beautiful is one of her highest values.

Another value that Julie holds very high is health and wellness. She believes that by pampering yourself and treating your body well, it definitely shows through making you not only look better, but also feel better inside and out. Julie finds it to be incredibly rewarding to be a part of this process for others; by helping those around her look and feel better about themselves.

Julie found her home at Pinks in March of 2013, and has been proud to help the company grow and expand ever since. She loves sharing her passion for beauty and wellness with others, and feels that the best part of her job is that it allows for her to constantly meet and exchange stories with so many diverse and interesting women from all walks of life.


robinCompany Director and Owner’s Assistant

Tiffany has always been very passionate with the beauty industry and making people feel the best they can possible be. Tiffany has always appreciated beauty and believes it is truly in the eye of the beholder, whether it is something you feel yourself or how you make people feel is a wonderful thing. Looks can tell a lot about a person but also what you feel inside resembles how you reflect outside and she believes everyone should continuously be satisfied with themselves and embracing their unique beauty. Being in this industry and graduating from a prestigious cosmetology school in 2008 she has definitely see all aspects and has years of experience with clientele and managing assistants. Team player daily and supporting women all over the world to motivate and achieve success. Tiffany continuously thrives to grow the business and the local community in embracing and enhancing your natural beauty and self confidence.



StephanieMaster Lash Artist

Alex is a lifetime Seattle native. She has always been in love with the beauty industry and when she graduated high school she quickly realized that was the right path for her. She went on to study esthetics at the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in Capitol Hill. From there she worked in cosmetics retail, and almost a year later joined our Pinks family. Alex is a perfectionist, and provides the best service she can for everyone, because she views her clients as walking advertisements and therefore she wouldn’t send anybody out the door that she isn’t proud 100 percent proud of. Alex is very knowledgeable about the beauty industry, and loves to answer any questions her clients may have.



StephanieLash Artist

After eighteen years working at Starbucks Coffee Company, Kim Tran left the corporate world to pursue her passion for eyelash extensions. Kim is an experienced licensed master esthetician and a certified Xtreme Lash Stylist since 2013. Her specialty is creating exquisite customized eyelash extensions. She takes pride in her work and loves to see her clients looking youthful, confidant and sexy with their new lash extensions. At work, she appreciates her wonderful coworkers and getting paid to do what she loves – making people look and feel beautiful. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and hosting dinner parties for her family and friends.



StephanieMaster Lash Artist

From the sun and sands of Hawaii to the clouds and rain of Seattle, Lena decided it was time for a change. She moved to attend the Washington Laser Institute to become a Master Esthetician and fell in love with the city. In her spare time Lena enjoys reading, attempting to cook, tending to her plants, and petting other people’s dogs.





StephanieLash Artist

After obtaining her esthetics license three years ago and settling to Seattle two years ago, Breanne is ecstatic to be part of the Pink’s team. Drawn to the beauty industry because of its ever changing styles and techniques, Breanne found herself working extensively in the retail world of beauty. Helping customers achieve results through building skincare regimens however, something was missing. She missed the days of beauty school and when she first set out to be an independent esthetician. Providing services and treatments has always been her favorite part of esthetics. Craving the one on one connections with clients, Pink’s couldn’t be a better place to provide just that.



StephanieLash Artist

Maribel is born and raised in Seattle, attended beauty school for her Master Esthetics degree, and has found her passion in all things beauty. Whether it being makeup, skincare, or any esthetic needs, she loves all that it has to offer and truly has a never stop learning mentality. With her previous years of being in the restaurant industry, she’s become a social butterfly and enjoys meeting new people! She’s ready for a change to leave that work and to go do what she loves. Maribel likes to perfect what she does and strives to make everyone she meets looking and feeling their best. Aside from it all, on her spare time she loves to laugh, eat, travel, go to happy hours with friends and spend time with her family.



MeganLash Artist

Joyce has been in the beauty industry since she was 14 years old doing makeup for school plays and dances in her home town of Port Townsend, Washington. She graduated from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute esthetics program when she was 18 and has since spent her time working in Seattle and Honolulu to further develop her skills in lash extensions.

Her other interests include traveling, meeting new people, and discovering new foods but her deepest passion remains the beauty industry and making women feel beautiful and confident. She hopes one day to become a trainer to teach her knowledge of lash extensions to new aspiring artists.